We all come across the old photo shoebox where the miscellaneous, unlabeled, now-forgotten people live.  Once cherished, now unknown people wait there patiently for someone to claim them, and to tell their stories.  Sadly, most of these photos eventually wind up in the local landfill over time.  Gone.. AND Forgotten.

Do you recognize any of these photos?  Most of them should have some Kansas connection.

Can you honor their memory by telling us their stories?

Do you have unknown Kansas photos you would share with us?

These photos are of the Westrup/Staatz family found at a Northeast Kansas estate sale.

Rescued by Janeice Crosson

Agnes Emma Westrup Kohler

Agnes Emma Westrup Kohler

Woodbine, Kansas

Anges was born on the Westrup homestead a few miles north of Woodbine, Kansas, on November 24, 1881.  She died of influenza at her home in Woodbine on March 17, 1919, aged thirty-seven years, three months, and twenty-one days.  Mrs. Kohler lived on the farm where she was born until the death of her parents, when she came to Woodbine and lived with her brother, Louis, until her marriage to Ora Kohler in June, 1904.  After her marriage she lived in Herington for four years.  While living in Herington, their son, Lawrence was born and gladdened their home for two years and seven months when he was called to be with his Heavenly Father.  A few years later the firm of Westrup & Kohler was formed and Woodbine again became her home.  June 19, 1915, Marjorie Mary was born.  Upon this daughter the love of a most devoted mother has been poured.

Early in life Mrs. Kohler professed her Christ and has followed her Savior in her daily life.  To her Church she has been an efficient officer, Sunday School worker, and a faithful, loyal supporter and attendant.  To her home she has been devoted, a careful, loving mother, making home a “Sweet Home” for father and child.  Her cheerful spirit often times breaking out into song and laughter.  To her husband she has been loyal, faithful, and in the true sense a helpmate.  To her neighbors, a good friend.  Her home has been open to the entertainment of their friends and the entertainment of every good cause.

Mrs. Kohler was the youngest in a family of twelve children, six boys and six girls.  Funeral services were conducted from the home with burial in Woodbine Cemetery (adapted from the Agnes Kohler funeral folder provided thanks to Janeice Crosson).


These photos are of unnamed Kansans

And Of Course, We’d Love To Know More About Them.  Can You Identify Any Of Them?

Unknown Boy

Unknown Boy

This is an unknown boy, possibly from Elk County.

Unknown Girl

Unknown Girl

Do you know her?

Richard Asten

On Thursday evening, June 11, 1998, Police Sergeant Richard J. Asten was killed when he was struck by a stolen vehicle being pursued by another officer. Asten was on duty in northwest Kansas City when he learned of the pursuit and realized that the vehicle was headed...

Virgil Schmidt Murder

Preliminary Hearing Set In Two Marion County Murders MARION, KS - Preliminary hearings have been set in two Marion County murder cases, one after a finding last week that the defendant was competent to stand trial. Barbara Moore, 35, Conway Springs, is set for a...

Dennis Armstrong Murder

Probation Denied For Alleged Slayer Abilene, KS - To no one's surprise, Joseph Brigman's application for probation on a burglary charge was denied Monday in Dickinson County District Court by Judge William D. Clement. In the time between when Brigman was returned from...

Rawson Reunion

Eighty-year-old twins Henry A. Rawson, Marquette, and H. Alfred Rawson of Wamego, enjoyed a reunion with their oldest sister, Mrs. Ellen Lattimore, 87, of Mt Clemens, Mich., their youngest sister, Mrs. Paul Cobb of Los Angeles, and a brother, Paul Rawson with his wife...

Joshua Simmons Lies In Unmarked Grave

LINCOLN - Officials in Washington now are considering what to do about the unmarked grave of a Civil War veteran in Lincoln County, E. J. Klag said.  The head of the Veterans Administration office in Wichita said his file in the case has been forwarded to VA in...

Arthur Sammons Killed By Train

Car Hit By Train, Mail Carrier Killed Burrton, Kansas, December 28 - A 73-year-old substitute mail carrier was killed today when his car slipped off the railroad station platform in Burrton and was struck by a passenger train. He was Arthur James Sammons, a retired...

Lost & Unclaimed Relatives

These photos were rescued in Kansas

We may have names but do not have any family connections, life stories, or family to which the originals may be given.  Any ideas?


Photos Rescued in Newton, Kansas