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There is currently no functioning Genealogy Society in Marion County.

MN   Marion County, Kansas, was established in 1860.  It was named for Francis Marion, who was a war hero of the Revolutionary War. The county seat of Marion County is Marion, Kansas.

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  • County Courthouse
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Old, Newspaper

Marion County Old News

courtesy of the Kansas Old Newspaper Transcribers Guild (KCGS)

Virgil Schmidt Murder

Preliminary Hearing Set In Two Marion County Murders MARION, KS - Preliminary hearings have been set in two Marion County murder cases, one after a finding last week that the defendant was competent to stand trial. Barbara Moore, 35, Conway Springs, is set for a...

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Killer Has Visited Here

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thomson motored to Peabody to attend the funeral services of Fred R. Nussbaum, the young man who killed himself and his sweetheart on Thursday. Mr. Nusbaum has frequently visited in Hutchinson at the Thomson home. The Hutchinson News, Hutchinson,...

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J. T. Hays Murdered

A Marion County Murder The murdered man found in the river near Marion, on the 20th ult., proved to be J.T. Hays, who came from Missouri, a short time ago, with a cousin, J.T. Kelly.  They had engaged to do some breaking for Mr. Forney, living north of Marion. ...

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Crawford Trial

Crawford's trial, for killing Mr. Davenport at Peabody last year, began at Emporia on Wednesday, and is still in progress.  The Lawrence Republican Journal, Lawrence, Kansas.  Sunday, August 10, 1873.  Page 3. (c) Transcribed by Darren McMannis for the Kansas Council...

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Post Office Robbed

The post office at Peabody was robbed of all its mail matter Thursday night last week. Two peddler who have been floating around Newton and Peabody for some time past, are suspected of the robbery, because they were missed the next morning, and have not been heard of...

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