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There is currently no functioning Genealogy Society in Leavenworth County.

LV   Leavenworth County, Kansas, was established in 1855.  It was one of Kansas’ original 36 counties and named for Henry Leavenworth, a General in the Indian Wars who established Fort Leavenworth.  The county seat of Leavenworth County is Leavenworth, Kansas.

A. Benson Dead In Jail

A. Benson, in the Leavenworth jail under sentence of death for the murder of Mrs. Mettman, stabbed his guard the other day and then killed himself. The Barton County Democrat, Great Bend, Kansas. December 22, 1892.  Page 2.  © Transcribed by Darren McMannis for the...

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Valentine Wentz Electrocuted

Valentine Wentz, an assistant pressman of the Leavenworth Times, was recently killed by a shock of electricity.  He was about to adjust a lamp over a press when his hand came in contact with a wire that was partially "dead," the current having been turned off on...

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Regard for Col. Willemsen

Testimonial. We understand that the German social club will present Col. Willemsen with a testimonial of their regard and respect to day.  The gift is to be a fine gold headed ebony cane.  The occassion will be one of much pleasure.  A complimentary banquet will...

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Increasing Interest

Fourth Day - Evening "Then comes thy glory in the summer months;" and when is nature more glorious than when at eve the golden summer sunbeams illuniate a grove like this?  "The beauties of nature" is a suggestive phrase, but how much more so that inspired one - "The...

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David Brewer on Supreme Court

KANSAS CITY, MO – Judge Brewer.Before the rebellion and whilst the Pike’s Peak gold excitement was at its highest, there came to our city a young lawyer from New York.He put out his “shingle” and began his trial trip for success.That was David J. Brewer.He was...

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The Murder of Colonel Buel

A Grand Hunt For The Murder. LEAVENWORTH.   The awful murder at the Fort was the principal topic of conversation yesterday.  Nearly all the police were at once set to work looking for the murderer, who is supposed to be a soldier named John Malone, who deserted from...

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Exploding Firecracker

LEAVENWORTH.  Accident. Nellie Hungerford, daughter of Mr. Seth Hungerford, picked up what she supposed to be an extinguished firecracker, on the morning of the Fourth, and as she was holding it to her face it exploded, filling one of her eyes with the material of...

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LEAVENWORTH.  Repudiated - Paul Dexter left Daniel Stone to close up his saloon Saturday night, and went away. Soon after, Cerf came in with his jail guard and wanted a drink. Dan said, “you have repudiated my color down at your place, and I shall set nothing out for...

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1870 Self-Abortion

LEAVENWORTH. Horrible – We learn that a young woman in the vicinity of Seventeenth and Dacotah streets was taken with the pains of childbirth a few days ago, and before she could be prevented ran into an outhouse. Persons suspecting her motive in doing so, attempted...

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