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HV   Harvey County, Kansas, was established in 1872.  It was organized out of Sedgwick, McPherson, Reno, & Marion Counties, and named for James Harvey, the 5th Governor of Kansas and Governor at the time the county was formed. The county seat of Harvey County is Newton, Kansas.

Old, Newspaper

Harvey County Old News

courtesy of the Kansas Old Newspaper Transcribers Guild (KCGS)

Arthur Sammons Killed By Train

Car Hit By Train, Mail Carrier Killed Burrton, Kansas, December 28 - A 73-year-old substitute mail carrier was killed today when his car slipped off the railroad station platform in Burrton and was struck by a passenger train. He was Arthur James Sammons, a retired...

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Mrs. S.A. Newhall

Word was received here on Thursday from R. Frank Newhall of Chicago, telling of the death of his mother, Mrs. S. A. Newhall at Loma Linda, Calif. Mrs. Newhall is the wife of the late Dr. S. A. Newhall, who practiced in Newton many years ago. Mrs. Newhall will arrive...

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Cadet Ray Rowe Victim of Army Plane Crash

Cadet Ray Rowe and Pal Killed Newton Youth Is Victim of Army Plane Crash Near Kelly Field Son of S. C. Rowe Instantly Killed When Big Bomber Fell - Will Be Brought Home Associated Press dispatches from San Antonio, telling the shocking news of the accidental death of...

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D. C. Sheridan Killed

Fell Under The Wheels NEWTON - D.C. Sheridan, a young man about 18 years of age, was run over by a Santa Fe freight train in the Newton yards and received injuries which will probably result in his death. The young man was on his way from Leadville to his home in...

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Chanter Family Poisoned

NEWTON, KS - Just before going to press we learn that J. Chanter and family, with the exception of his wife, are quite ill, they having ate some canned meat for supper yesterday evening, which is supposed to have been poisonous. The Newton Kansan, Newton Kansas....

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Post Office Robbed

The post office at Peabody was robbed of all its mail matter Thursday night last week. Two peddler who have been floating around Newton and Peabody for some time past, are suspected of the robbery, because they were missed the next morning, and have not been heard of...

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