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FO   Ford County, Kansas, was established in 1867.  It was named for James Ford, a Union General during the Civil War. The county seat of Ford County is Dodge City, Kansas.

Old, Newspaper

Ford County Old News

courtesy of the Kansas Old Newspaper Transcribers Guild (KCGS)

Richard Asten

On Thursday evening, June 11, 1998, Police Sergeant Richard J. Asten was killed when he was struck by a stolen vehicle being pursued by another officer. Asten was on duty in northwest Kansas City when he learned of the pursuit and realized that the vehicle was headed...

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Virgil Schmidt Murder

Preliminary Hearing Set In Two Marion County Murders MARION, KS - Preliminary hearings have been set in two Marion County murder cases, one after a finding last week that the defendant was competent to stand trial. Barbara Moore, 35, Conway Springs, is set for a...

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Dennis Armstrong Murder

Probation Denied For Alleged Slayer Abilene, KS - To no one's surprise, Joseph Brigman's application for probation on a burglary charge was denied Monday in Dickinson County District Court by Judge William D. Clement. In the time between when Brigman was returned from...

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Rawson Reunion

Eighty-year-old twins Henry A. Rawson, Marquette, and H. Alfred Rawson of Wamego, enjoyed a reunion with their oldest sister, Mrs. Ellen Lattimore, 87, of Mt Clemens, Mich., their youngest sister, Mrs. Paul Cobb of Los Angeles, and a brother, Paul Rawson with his wife...

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Joshua Simmons Lies In Unmarked Grave

LINCOLN - Officials in Washington now are considering what to do about the unmarked grave of a Civil War veteran in Lincoln County, E. J. Klag said.  The head of the Veterans Administration office in Wichita said his file in the case has been forwarded to VA in...

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Arthur Sammons Killed By Train

Car Hit By Train, Mail Carrier Killed Burrton, Kansas, December 28 - A 73-year-old substitute mail carrier was killed today when his car slipped off the railroad station platform in Burrton and was struck by a passenger train. He was Arthur James Sammons, a retired...

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