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CF   Coffey County, Kansas, was established in 1855.  It was one of Kansas’ original 36 counties and named for A. M. Coffey, a Kanzas Territorial Legislature and prominent Free-State advocate.  The county seat of Coffey County is Burlington, Kansas.

Old, Newspaper

Coffey County Old News

courtesy of the Kansas Old Newspaper Transcribers Guild (KCGS)

Mary Norton Burned

Burlington Woman Inhaled Flames  BURLINGTON - Mrs. Mary Norton was badly burned on the left arm and also inhaled some of the flames at the home of her father today, when some gasoline exploded.  The kitchen was filled with flames but prompt action by Mr. Hamilton...

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Alexander Blair Burned

AN OLD MAN BURNED Alex Blair of Burlington Tried to Make Gasoline Burn BURLINGTON July 6 - Alexander Blair is today confined to his bed by a lot of horrible burns all over hi body received last Saturday.  The old gentleman earns his living by selling oil and...

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Severe Storm – 1873

The Burlington Patriot gives an account of a severe storm which passed over the southern part of Coffey county recently, doing considerable damage.  The same storm blew down a good deal of corn in Woodson county.  The Republican Journal, Lawrence, Kansas.  Sunday,...

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Burlington 1868

Burlington is situated on the south side of the Neosho river, about thirty miles south-east of Emporia, and about sixty five miles south-west of Lawrence.  It is the county seat of Coffey County, situated about in the center.  It contains one saw and grist mill, one...

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LeRoy 1868

LeRoy is situated on the north side of the Neosho river, and is about ten miles south-east of Burlington, the county seat of Coffey County; and about seventy miles south-west of Lawrence.  It contains a large number of stores, both dry goods and grocery, two or three...

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