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CK   Cherokee County, Kansas, was established in 1855 (formerly named McGee County).  It was one of Kansas’ original 36 counties and was re-named for the Cherokee Indians of the bordering Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory (Oklahoma). The county seat of Cherokee County is Columbus, Kansas.

Old, Newspaper

Cherokee County Old News

courtesy of the Kansas Old Newspaper Transcribers Guild (KCGS)

Horrors Chase One Another

Double Murder and Suicide Followed by Two Cases of Insanity Galena, Kan., April 4 - Boston Mills, the scene of the killing of the Cox brothers by Newton Walters, and his subsequent suicide, is still in a ferver of excitement.  Today Levi Rinker, the man on whose farm...

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Suicide of Charles Wade

SCAMMON - Charles Wade, a striking miner, committed suicide today [June 17] by shooting himself. Before committing the deed he remarked to a friend that rather than starve to death he would kill himself. He left a young wife. The Wichita Daily Eagle, Wichita, Kansas....

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