Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies, Inc.

There is no active Genealogical Society in Anderson County, Kansas.

The Anderson County Historical Society is not a member of KCGS.


AN   Anderson County, Kansas, was established in 1855.  It was one of Kansas’ original 36 counties.  The county was first settled by Pottowatomie Indians in 1837, before they were removed in 1854.   It was named for Joseph C. Anderson, a Kansas Territorial legislator.  The county seat of Andersonn County is Garnett, Kansas.

Garnett Kansas Tornado 1884

Elizabethtown 1868

Elizabethtown is situated about twelve miles south by west of Garnett in the southern part of Anderson county and near the head waters of Deer Creek, and about ten miles inland from the Neosho river.  It is a small inland town and principaally owned by Squire Price. ...

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