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AL   Allen County, Kansas, was established in 1855.  It was one of Kansas’ original 36 counties and named for William Allen, U.S. Senator from Ohio who was a strong supporter of westward expansion. The county seat of Allen County is Iola, Kansas.

Old, Newspaper

Allen County Old News

courtesy of the Kansas Old Newspaper Transcribers Guild (KCGS)

Oil Found At Humboldt

HUMBOLDT.  Guffey & Galey finished their well on the Williamburg farm, three miles north of Humboldt on the Neosho river, and obtained a good flow of oil, estimated at sixty barrels a day. This is the third producer of petroleum in the vicinity of Humboldt and...

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Blizzard News

IOLA - It was found impossible to keep the school house comfortably warm last Friday, and the school had to be dismissed. The township trustee has been called upon quite frequently during the late cold snap to furnish lodging for tramps. Not enough snow for sleighs...

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Washing Machine Patent

IOLA - By returns from the patent office, we notice that O.J. Smith, of Iola, has been recently granted a patent on a washing machine.  The Iola Register, Iola, Kansas.  Friday, January 15, 1886.  Page 5. (c) Transcribed by Darren McMannis for the Kansas Council of...

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One Thing Certain

IOLA - In alluding to the report that Commissioner Sparks was in danger of assasination, the Champion remarks that "one thing is certain - they can't blow his brains out."  The Iola Register, Iola, Kansas.  Friday, January 15, 1886.  Page 5. (c) Transcribed by Darren...

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Children Reading Newspapers

IOLA - Several teachers in different parts of the county have told us recently that they use the Register to a large extent in their schools in place of the prescribed school readers.  We are glad to note this.  Not chiefly because it is the Register that is used -...

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Uncle Mose & Aunt Lucy

IOLA - It has been stated to us that "Uncle Mose and Aunt Lucy," the old colored couple living in the southwest part of town, have no means of heating the shanty in which they live except with an old cook stove which is in a very bad state of repair.  If this is true...

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Murderer Hung By Citizens

LYNCH LAW IN ALLEN COUNTY A Murderer Hung by Citizens HUMBOLDT.  A gentleman who came from Iola yesterday morning, gave us the particulars of a most atrocious murder that was committed by a farmer living near Humboldt, and the summary hanging of the murderer by...

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Resolution of Relief

Good! Congressman Sidney Clark on last Tuesday introduced into the House a joint resolution providing for the relief of the settlers on the Osage Indian lands.  We do not know the substance of the resolution, but anything modifying from their unjust provisions the...

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