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April 2, 2008 10:09PM
I am tracing my ancestors in Buffalo Twp., Wilson Co., KS,  married March 16,1872, Charles Edgar MORTON and Frances Elmira DOW 
(have copy of marriage). Looking for info on Frances' parents William and Sarah (CARLTON) Dow and Frances' sister, Roxana and 
Ben WILSON. Can anyone help?? 
Nancy Nation, Vandalia, Missouri
April 7, 2008 11:45AM
1.  I'm searching for the birth records of two people in Wilson Co, KS:  
Frank W. FERDON, b 9 June 1878, in Coyville, KS, to Timothy FERDON and Clara- or Hester C. FERDON, and, Willie FERDON, 
b. after June 1st 1880 (Fed. census of family doesn't list him), probably in Clifton Twp, to Timothy FERDON and Clara- or Hester C. 
2.  I'm also searching for the death record and burial place of the second child.  Willie FERDON, age 2,  died possibly 8 Sept 1882, 
in Wilson Co, perhaps Clifton Twp.
Thank you for what ever help you can provide.
Sharron Hanson, Crete, IL
April 24, 2008 5:26 PM
Robert Able MEAD family.  Robert Mead (1839-1907) and his wife, Ruth Anna Parr Mead are my great Grandparents.  I only have one picture of them and their children and wondered if there are any others available that I could get copies of.  Their daughter, Otha Mead Haskell, married to Lafe HASKELL, is my grandmother.  Any information on the two families would be greatly appreciated. Robert Mead was an active pioneer settler in the town and my Grandfather Lafe and his family were stone masons.  My father, Lee Robert Haskell was raised there with his 2 brothers, Glenn (Mike) Haskell and Allen (Billy) Haskell.  I have only been to Fredonia one time and that was for Uncle Mikes funeral. Of Otha and Lafes family only 5 grandchildren were born and they were to my father, Lee.  He died just before I was born so never got to know anything about that part of my family.  Anything you might be able to find would be so wonderful.  My address is 11302 19th Pl NE, Lake Stevens, Wa. 98258 or feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. 
Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to locate. 
Elena Danard

May 6, 2008 7:11 PM
I am searching for information about my ggrandparents, James McKEE, and Rachael Em KELLY-McKEE.  He was born 1841in Guernsey Co., Ohio; she born 1843 in Sciota Co, Ohio. They had children; Telitha Lizzie, 1866; Homer M., 1870; William Francis, 1876; and four infants who died at birth, all born in Missouri, we believe. But they were on the 1880 census in Telleyrand (?), Wilson Co.  Kansas.
Has anyone seen anything about this family? I do not know how long they were there. They later moved to Parker Co, TX.  I wonder if there are any land records, or court records or something about them. I would appreciate anything about them.

May 8, 2008 1:56PM
I am looking for a marriage certificate for Carrie Katherine MEANS and Jesse Elmer GANGWER (or GANGWERE).  They were married around 1903.  I'm not positive that it happened in Wilson county, but in the 1900 census Carrie MEANS lived in Fall River Township.  I'm specifically interested in any information about Jesse GANGWERE's parents.
Also, I would like the birth certificate for their son Sherbie Grant GANGWERE, born Dec 19, 1905.
Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions.
Bryan Gangwere

May 18, 2009 8:12 PM
I am trying to trace William DOW, wife, Sarah H. and dau., Mary L. They moved to KS, after 1870. Sarah and Mary and son, William are on the 1875 state census, but I can't find them after that date. Their dau., Roxanne was married to a J. or G. R. HOWELL. There P. O. was near Buffalo, KS. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you very much.

May 21, 2009 3:00 PM
I am looking for a record of Esther Ann CLOUD who was born in the late 1800s in Neodesha, Kansas. I would appreciate any information about her or her family.
Her Grandson, Paul Jeter

August 22, 2009 1:19 PM
Is anyone out there interested in a file folder of family information for John Aberne(a)thy's family and the collateral family of John LaBore? The wives of these families were sisters, Parmelia and Pluma Bailey. Most of the family lived in Wisconsin, but at least three groups came to Kansas to Cawker, Ft Scott, and Salina.  
Some of the persons were born in Canada and some in Vermont. Names included are Smith, Brown, Gilbert, Dugas, Duvall, Edgar 
Shadowen, Hardwicke.  
Also in the file are four photographs: Eliza Nattier, Celenie Nattier, widow of Arthur Nattier, and a baby possibly Lillian Nattier, plus one of the farm home of Lorenz and Aurora Nattier Junker, which was four miles east of Neodesha, Kansas. The Nattier story is that Aurora was born near Clunny (sp) France in 1843 and came to America with her mother Victorine Nattier, about 1856 after her father, mayor of Autreville, France, had been recently assassinated They first went to a farm in Wisconsin near Port Washington. Aurora later married Lorenz Junker, b Germany. They moved to Ft Scott, Kansas in 1870, and then to Neodesha that same year. They were accompanied by Albertine Nattier daughter of Emile and Eliza Nattier, the girl being Aurora's niece.  
Aurora, her mother and her husband are buried in Bethel Cemetery. Is that Neodesha?  
This material was rescued at an estate sale in Riley County and is available for anyone who has a connection to these families or who will give it a home in their library. email jcrosson@wamego.net 

August 28, 2009 6:30 PM
I am searching for info on my relation Joshua Corbin Blakley. In his obit it states he owned property in Wilson co. then moved to Woodson co.. Can you be of help? Thank you! Rick Wolfe

October 3, 2009 2:23 PM
I am looking for an Unknown Mr. Roach, who married Carmelita Drake.  They had six children; Ronald, Gary, David, Mary, Edna and Theresa.  Carmelita was born 1911.
Brenda Anderson

January 1, 2010 12:56 AM

I am searching for the grave of my ancestor Bela Graves.  He and his family came to what is now Wilson County in about 1864 and he died in about 1867.  His family returned to Illinois and his burial place is unknown.  Anyone with an index of early Wilson County cemeteries or burial lists can contact me by e-mail. Thank you. Bill Graves 

March 2, 2010 1:29 PM
MATTHEWS, Patrick H. was born in Oct. 1845 in Brooke Co., VA. (Now W.V.) and was the son of Robert MATTHEWS and Mary L. LEMMON of Hazel HIll Township, Johnson Co., MO.  Patrick migrated from MO, in about 1880 to Butler Co., KS., before settling into Fredonia, Wilson Co., KS., sometime after 1895, where He served for a time, as Justice of the Peace.  Patrick was married to Josephine Perkins (b: 1856 MO d: unknown) and had four children: Ada b: 1877 MO (married Tracy T. NELSON), Gertie b: 1879 MO, Mary Blanch b: 1885 MO. and Lester Matthews b: 1886 KS.  

If You would like to share any information You have on this family, You may contact Me at: cdm1014@gmail.com  (Please put "Matthews" in the subject line!  Thank You!)  Cris Matthews in So. CA.

May 30, 2010 10:18 PM
I am looking for some information on John PLEDGER. He was born 1939 in Fredonia. He had several children and among them were twins Walter and Wallace PLEDGER born 1878 in Fredonia. At some point the PLEDGERS moved to Salt Springs. They must have moved there after the twins were born. The PLEDGERS did leave Kansas at some point and moved to Idaho.  I would presume that John PLEDGER'S parents may have died and are buried in the area. Do you have any cemeteries that have been read ? I would appreciate any help I could get from you. 
Sandy Kerschner Green
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

June 1, 2010 4:10 PM
I am looking for information on Andrew Jackson McKay born 1822 in Kentucky and died 1877 in Neodesha ,Wilson County, Kansas. 
Dana Thompson 

June 14, 2010 10:56 AM
I am tracing my ancestor WILLIE MILES Porter and LOTTIE ANN (Millard) married November 2 1892 at Fredonia, Wilson County Kansas.  Also, I am seeking information on NORMAN A.  Porter and CHARITY W. (Seevers) Porter.  When Norman A Porter died, Willie Miles was sold into denture where he learned the trade of a miller and carpenter.  Norman A had a son by his first marriage, LONNIE _ Porter.  The fate of Lonnie and his descendents are unknown. Thank you for your help. Clifford Roger Porter

August 31, 2010
Researching death & burial of Henry COLLINS (b. 1869-1872 Oklahoma Indian Territory) married Eliza Rebecca PETTY (b. 1879, Kansas). In 1920 Federal census, Henry & Eliza were living in Chance Township,  Adair County, Oklahoma, they were farming new Chewy. In the 1925 Kansas State census, Eliza COLLINS is living in New Albany, Wilson 
County, Ks., listed as widow. Henry died sometime between 1/28/1920  and 3/1/1925 and is buried somewhere in either Wilson County, Kansas 
or Adair County, Oklahoma. Eliza went to California before 1930.
Thanks, Dot Morris

February 26, 2011
Charles Marvin LAUGHLIN b. Feb. 2, 1879 Wilsonville, KS; Parents: James Edward LAUGHLIN & Dora RICE (possibly Pheadora) d. about 1859 and is supposed to be buried in the Jackson Cemetery, New Albany  James Edward Laughlin’s mother Melissa Jane POOL Laughlin is supposed to be buried in the Jackson Cemetery also;, Alta Mae Richie b. June 2, 1884, New Albany;  Parents: Nancy Belle WILLOUGHBY & Isaac Thomas RICHIE d. Coyville, KS March 1891. I believe the families came to KS c. 1868 and my branch went to Oregon c. 1903. I am seeking any history of the family while living in that area, photos or headstone information on Jane and Dora Laughlin and cemeteries and on Isaac Thomas Richie.  Also any information on parents of Dora, Jane or Isaac.  Dora’s mother’s last name may have been Lowe or Stuart.
Diane Berry
Echo, Oregon

June 1, 2011

Several years ago someone there at the Wilson County Historical Society helped me obtain some information on my family.  I am still very grateful for that help.  I am hoping that once again someone could help me.
I am the granddaughter of Leda Jean Miller (Reynolds).  b. 17 Oct 1925 in Fredonia.  Married Lawrence Joseph Reynolds 21 Oct 1947.  Leda's parents are Ervin Nathaniel Miller and Martha Annette Couk.  Ervin. b. 7 Sep 1888 in Fredonia died 15 Aug 1948 in Wichita.  Martha: b. 2 Jan 1890 in  Fredonia and died 31 May 1943 in Neodesha.  
I would love to find a living relative who would have histories, tidbits and hopefully photos of this family.  I have nothing for my great grandparents, Ervin and Martha.  I did have one contact, their son Rex Miller in Prairie Village Kansas (near Kansas City).  I sent him a letter hoping that he would help me.  Tonight I was informed that they do not have any photos and have no desire to talk to me about this.  I figure that there must be someone out there who would have something.  Could you help me find some information on this family?
Here are some more details on them:
Ervin Nathaniel Miller
b.7 Sep 1888 in Fredonia, Wilson, KS
d.15 Aug 1948 in Wichita, KS
m. 25 Jan 1909
his parents are John William Miler and Laura E. Butner

Martha Annette Couk
b.2 Jan 1890 in Fredonia, Wilson, KS
d. 3 Jun 1943 in Neodesha, KS
her parents are Robert Thompson Couk and Almira Srepta Sprague or Spriggs

I have Ervin and Martha's children being listed as:
Raymond Miller (died as a child)(b. 1909?, d. 1913?)
Thelma Alberta Miller b. 16 Oct 1913 d. 6 Sept 1984
Leonard Quinn Miller b. 1915 d. 23 Dec 1976
Leda Jean Miller b. 17 Nov 1925 d. 7 May 2009
Rex Gaylord Miller b. 6 Sep 1927

Nicol Montero

July 5, 2011

I am searching  for death records, orbits or burial place of Elias GABLE. b. 1813 Greene County TN d.-March 10 1888.  He might be buried at Weakley Cemetery near Fredonia KS. Does he have a headstone?  Was he living with any of his children of time of death?
I would appreciate any information.
Carolyn Manning
July 9, 2011
I am trying to find out about what happened to Elmire "Mira" BUSBY MOORE born 1858, I believe the dau of Reuben BUSBY and Mary DAUGHERTY.   I have her in Wilson Co in 1880, marrying Malanthke "Mank" MOORE and having two children Audrey Carl in 1881 and Ora May in 1884.   I have her in Fredonia and New Albany .   I have her father as a blacksmith with a second wife Elizabeth in Wilson Co, KS.   I find Mank alone in 1900 and he subsequently moves to CA.     On one census he lists divorced, on another a widower.  I do have a photo of Mira from Tulare, Ca,  Family story says she died in a fire, but I can't find her death in CA or KS.   Thanks for any assistance.
Kitty Dickey,, California

August 4, 2011
Am looking for my great grandma's burial place in Wilson County, Ks. She was in Prairie Twp, Wilson Co on 1885 state census.

Julia Smith, born ca 1838 in Virginia, was married to Alexander Vance Smith. She died sometime between 1885-1900.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sharon Durham


September 7, 2012  9:17 A. M.
Looking for any information of NANCY ANN MEDLIN. She died 2-21-1917 in New Albany, Wilson County, Kansas.

March 22, 2013
 I am trying to find information on a Sarah Dow who moved to Wilson Co., possibly in 1870.  She was in the 1875 State census, Clifton twp., Buffalo KS., with daughter Mary Lucretia, and son Philander. Her daughters Mary L. and Roxanne were married there, and Frances who married a Morton. Philander came back to IL ( 1877-1878) and Frances was back by 1880. Sarah's husbands name was William. I  don't know if Sarah died in KS or maybe remarried, as William was not with her in 1875. Roxanne married a second time to a Ben Wilson, I don't know what happened to her 1st spouse. Any information is much appreciated. Sarah and William were gg-grandparents.
Thank you very much.   Helen 


Barker, Vincent B COL USARMY (US) 10:29 AM
Searching for death for Philip S. LIKES. He was born in 1826 in KY and died in Neodesha May 5, 1904. His spouse was Mary (Perisol). He served in the Civil War as a Captain of Co. F, 47th Illinois Infantry. Thank you! Vince Barker
Neil Hanson (ubetcha916@att.net)

HANSON, BODIN 5/13/2013
My parents were married at the Bethel Lutheran Church, Vilas, Wilson County, Kansas in 1915. I have the church record but not the county record. Fredonia is the county seat but I don't know if it is recorded there or not.
Father is Richard George HANSON, born 1894
Mother is Emma C BODIN, born 1894
Marriage was Sept 15, 1915
Sure would appreciate record info on their marriage.
Neil Hanson

HUNTER 9/7/2013
I am looking for a time frame as to the disappearance of Argel HUNTER
Rita Fulghum
First National Bank in Fredonia
730 Madison, PO Box 190
Fredonia, KS 66736
(620) 378-2151




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