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Clay County Museum Genealogical Research Records

The Clay County Historical Society will do research for $8.00 per hour plus $ .25 for each copy made.

  1. 1880 Federal Census - Clay County - hard copy and microfilm

  2. 1860-1870-1880-1900-1910-1920-1930 - Clay County Federal Census - microfilm

  3. 1865-1875-185-1895-1905-1915-1925 - Clay County State Census - microfilm (1895 hard copy)

  4. Abstracted Obit File - from Times, Dispatch- Economist- Morganville Tribune-Wakefield News, etc.

  5. Clay County Cemetery Book - hard copy (tombstone readings)

  6. Greenwood Cemetery - computer

  7. Wakefield Cemetery - file drawer

  8. Clifton IOOF Cemetery - file drawer

  9. Vinning Cemetery (Vinning - Clifton Area) - file drawer

  10. Cemetery File Drawer - check in addition to county cemetery book. Claryce adds burials NOT found on tomb stones and not in cemetery book.

  11. Early Death Scrap Books

  12. Newspapers - check time of death/material may not have been abstracted

  13. 1881 Clay County Atlas/Plat Book - hard copy - includes Index Book (in box with book)

  14. 1901 Clay County Illustrated - hard copy - Indexed check file box

  15. 1914 Industrial Edition of the Clay Center Dispatch - Indexed - check file box

  16. Abstracted Death Files:

  17. Wakefield News - Indexed - check file box

  18. Morganville Tribune - Indexed - check file box

  19. Rose Funeral Home Records - Indexed -check file box

  20. Early Death Scrap Book

  21. County Clerk Death Records - hard copy - Indexed in front of book

  22. County Clerk's Marriage Records - hard copy - Indexed in front of book

  23. County Clerk's Birth Records - hard copy - Indexed in front of book

  24. Civil War Veterans - Widows - Children - Scrapbook from hard copy

  25. Prewit's Directory - Clay Center & Clay County 1906 - Scrapbook from hard copy

  26. Prewit's Directory - Clay Center & Clay County 1909 - Scrapbook from hard copy

  27. Riley County Cemetery Book - hard copy

  28. Washington - Riley - Clay Counties Biographical Album 1890 - hard copy (copies of original stories taken from de-accessioned copy of album  for sale $5.00 each)

  29. Pioneers Of The Blue Steam Prairie 1976 - hard copy

  30. Clay County Heritage Book 1990 - hard copy

  31. Clay County Marriage Licenses January 1867 - May 1974 (balance in District Court at Court House)

  32. Citizenship Records

  33. Yearly Census Records for Clay County (numeration records)

  34. 1900 Atlas/Platt Book - hard copy

  35. 1918 Atlas/Platt Book - hard copy

  36. Floma Johnson's Family Record Books 1925-1993. Includes names of husbands and wife's wedding date. Names of children (some of their birth dates), children's spouses and their wedding date.

  37. Floma Johnson's Marriage Records (yearly 1925-1993) arranged by date sequence by groom's name

  38. Floma Johnson's Marriage Records (yearly 1925-1993) arranged by date sequence by bride's name

  39. Family Histories/Genealogies - hard copies (indexed)

  40. Newspapers - Times-Dispatch-Economist-Dispatch Republican-Daily Republican-Morganville Tribune- Wakefield News/Sun-Green-Oakhill-Longford-etc. hard copies and microfilm (check how stored)

  41. Community Histories - hard copies

  42. Church Histories - hard copies

  43. High School Annuals - hard copies (some extra copies for sale)

  44. Clay County/City Community High School Promoters

  45. Rural School Records

  46. Clay County Scrapbooks of Clay County History, Clay County and Clay Center History, Bridges & Roads, Ferries, Creek Names, Towns/How Named, Lost Towns, etc., Townships 1899, County Poor Farm, Journey Into Yesterday, Mail Carriers, Stage Coaches, Historical Society, Old Settlers, Souvenir Books

  47. Clay Center Scrapbooks of History of Clay Center (news stories-indexed), History of Black Population of Clay Center (also check file drawer), Brick Plant, Remember When (article from Ione Daws Russell's Scrapbooks), Postmasters, Streets, Memories (newspaper clippings), 71'ers Gather (newspaper clippings), Republican River, Souvenir Booklets, "Cruise of the Nancy Nell" (motor launch built and launched from Clay Center), Street Car

  48. The Story of Clay Center 1888 (duplicate copy of original)

  49. Clay County Centennial Book 1966 - hard copy

  50. Clay  Center/ National Bicentennial Book 1975 - hard copy

  51. Telephone Books variety of years

  52. County Directories variety of years

  53. Early Weddings - scrapbook

  54. Photographs of individuals, families, building, schools, businesses, street scenes, farms, events

  55. Ione Daws Russell's Scrapbooks of Clay County History (reprints for sale_

  56. Community Interest File - headlines of news stories abstracted from newspapers

  57. Coroner's Records - hard copy

  58. Contagious Diseases - hard copy

  59. Pioneer History of Kansas by August Roenick - hard copy

  60. Area Locator Map 1881 - east wall of hall on first floor just south of library (look behind door)

  61. Area Locator Map 1990 - location of schools- churches (past and Present) and cemeteries - Indexed - west wall of hall on first floor across from library door

  62. Historical File Drawers - Misc. Subjects

  63. Memorial Folders

  64. Family Reunions

  65. Rose Funeral Home Records

  66. Tom Branigar File/Death & Births From Wakefield Advertiser - Cemetery File Drawer

  67. Records of Teachers Employed from 1884-1930 - file drawer east wall of library

  68. Record of County Teaching Certificates Issued 1881-1915 - file drawer east wall of library

  69. Maps of School Districts 1883-1896 - file drawer east  wall of library

  70. Maps of School Districts/ No names or dates - file drawer east wall of library

  71. Commencement Programs Clay County Schools 1888-1950 (incomplete) - file drawer east wall of library

  72. Normal Training Graduates - file drawer east wall of library

  73. Teachers Certificates 1913-1929 - file drawer east wall of library

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