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Whispers From The Past

This can’t-miss Genealogy Conference will provide much-needed information to help you in your Family History research!

Keynote Sessions:

What Secrets Can A Pen Stroke Hold?  –  Trina Ware

  • This Session will dive pen-first into a brief history of Handwriting Analysis coming to the U.S., after which you will learn the powerful and informative difference between looking at the signature vs. writing.
  • Wrapping up the hour, we will take an interesting look into the writer’s relationships with parents and siblings.

Magnify The Truth!  –  Trina Ware

  • This hour will teach you:
    • How to pick out a lie and the intent behind it!
    • Basic authentication of the written document
    • How to find body weakness or pain of the writer

FamilySearch Tips and Tricks  –  Sherri Camp

  • Since FamilySearch has terminated their microfilm ordering system, what records are now available to genealogists and how do we access them?
  • In this session, Genealogy Librarian Sherri Camp will share tips and tricks to help genealogists find documents on FamilySearch and learn alternatives to the microfilm ordering system.

Kansas Records and Where To Find Them  –  Sherri Camp

  • Kansas is considered a western state in genealogical records research.  Where do we find Kansas records and how extensive are they?
  • As a FamilySearch Affiliate, the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library has access to thousands of records that have been digitized and are available at the library.
  • In this session, Genealogy Librarian Sherri Camp will show us what records are available to help find Kansas records at FamilySearch and the Topeka Library.

Special Extra Session:

Genealogy Resources in the Salina Area  –  Barbara Mulvihill

Keynote Speakers:  Trina Ware, Sherri Camp, & Barbara Mulvihill

Trina Ware

Your morning keynote speaker is Trina Ware, owner of Golden Key Graphology.  Trina uses the science of Handwriting Analysis to accurately decipher the personality of the writer.  This is useful in our genealogical research to add “personality” and character to our ancestors who are known only by the impersonal documents associated with them.

Trina has been a forensic handwriting expert for over 15 years and has spoken at Universities, Museums, Libraries, and Historical and Genealogical groups.

More about Trina:

Trina lives in Papillion, Nebraska with her husband of 25 years, 2 daughters, and 2 lovely birds. Trina’s office is in the historic downtown district of Ralston, Nebraska, where she works on helping people to know themselves and others on a deeper level.

Golden Key Graphology was born 8 years ago when Trina found an old journal written by her great-grandmother Dora Hornby. This dusty notebook-style journal was found in a trunk of time capsule-like treasures. Lovingly pinned to a corn cob was a list of uses and another note pinned to a piece of colorful material told how this was her favorite childhood dress. However, the greatest treasure was actually the writing contained in that journal, on those notes, and also on some recipe cards.  After carefully analyzing each piece, Trina discovered that her great-grandma was compassionate, dignified, loved to learn, and had a complex relationship with her parents. All of this was enthusiastically confirmed by those who knew Dora and so the business had begun!

Sherri Camp

Your afternoon keynote speaker is Sherri Camp, who works as the Genealogy Librarian at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library.  Sherri is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker who has a vast understanding of the Genealogical resources that are needed by, and available to, Kansas genealogists.

“It’s fun!” Sherri says.  “It’s solving mysteries and proving those old stories that were passed down from generations ago.  When you can put a name and a face together with a place, in context of the other people who lived at the same time, it’s like solving a puzzle.”

Sherri points out that family history is also a part of the wider scope of human history and that by learning about our heritage we learn how we are part of the continuum of time and where we fit into the picture.   “When we tell family history we tell the microhistory of our cities, states, and our country,” Sherri says.  “It puts history into context and makes the struggles and the triumphs real.  It teaches us compassion, it gives us strength, and helps us to feel proud of who we are and where we come from.”




Join Us!

Saturday, June 2. 2018

The Historic Salina Masonic Center

Salina, Kansas

The Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies 44th Annual Genealogy Conference

co-sponsored by the Salina Public Library

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