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Trails Of Our Ancestors

This can’t-miss Genealogy Conference will provide much-needed information to help you in your Family History research!

Keynote Sessions:

Land Runs, Lotteries, & Homesteads

  • America’s unusual settlement history runs the gamut from Indian tribes’ relocation, cattle trails, and railroads to European settlers, land runs, and lotteries.
  • Come explore the historical background, the Homestead Act, the rectangular survey system, the unique land openings, the process for obtaining land, and the records available to find your ancestor’s role in these events.

Trails Of Our Ancestors

  • Examine the trails your ancestors might have taken as they migrated to new homes.
  • This overview of American migration routes may lead you to new discoveries about your ancestors as it shows the most well traveled paths that our ancestors took to settle America.

Salute Our Veterans

  • War creates destruction, chaos and scars, but it also creates lots of records that can be a real boon to genealogists.  Military information can be found at the federal, state, and county level.
  • Because war is such a life changing event there is usually a great deal of interest in recording those memories.  Newspaper articles and periodical accounts abound as do books written to understand and preserve the experience.  A genealogical goldmine awaits the researcher.

Share Your Research Without Putting Relatives To Sleep

  • Don’t bore relatives with your genealogical research!  Learn ways to preserve your family history that will make you the hit of the next family reunion.
  • Writing your family history book is a daunting task for most genealogists and is usually not greeted with joy by most family members.  Discover alternatives to writing everything in one large book.
  • Learn to preserve your research by reducing the task to a manageable size.  The years devoted to family history research should not go with you to the grave.


Special Extra Session:

The Chisholm Trail & Those Cowboy Days in Kansas – Darren McMannis

Keynote Speaker:  Billie Stone Fogerty, M.Ed.

Billie (Stone) Fogerty

Billie Stone Fogarty, M.Ed., a full time professional genealogist and Life member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, has served the genealogical community in several capacities.  Currently she serves as President of this international organization.

A frequent speaker at national conferences, she is former president of the Genealogical Speakers Guild.  Billie is also active on the regional, state, and local level in advancing genealogical research and open records access as the state liaison for the Records Preservation and Access Committee.

She has worked diligently for the Oklahoma Genealogical Society (7 terms are President) and the Oklahoma Historical Society (Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Research Committee, and Publications Committee).

Her background as an educator shows through in her passion for leading others to find out about their own family history.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear this in-demand speaker and researcher share valuable insights you won’t get anywhere else!




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June 10. 2017

Grace Community Church Activity Center

Newton, Kansas

The Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies 43rd Annual Genealogy Conference

co-sponsored by the Harvey County Genealogical Society

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